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About NIOC Organization

The NIOC Organization was started because our founder’s father passed away 10 years ago from lung cancer. During the time his father was diagnosed, he looked for numerous options in treatments, but did not know where to turn to find the best or most effective ones. Over the past few years, technology & scientists have been given more tools in finding effective ways to treat cancer. After so many new trials & studies had been announced, he started saving these articles with the idea of gathering this new information in order to help others that ended up in this same situation or that had family members or friends in this situation. NIOC was formed to bring these new treatments & trials together in one place so many people could find them easier & hopefully use them to help locate the best facility & treatment needed for their diagnosis or participate in trials that may have a beneficial outcome. We hope our site can help you have a happy & healthy outcome.

Cancer Helpline

If you feel painfully sick or need immediate help, please dial 911. The sooner you get medical aid, the better treatment options your doctors will have. 


Featured Articles

nurse and senior patient outside for rehab

‘Masked’ cancer drug stealthily trains immune system to kill tumors while sparing healthy tissues, reducing treatment side effects

Many cancer treatments are notoriously savage on the body. Drugs often attack both healthy cells and tumor cells, causing a plethora of side effects. Immunotherapies …

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doctor discussing trial results with patient

Small N.Y. cancer trial attains 100% remission rate

A medical trial for a treatment of a specific type of cancer, received an unprecedented 100% success rate, with all participating patients in remission, according …

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doctor reading a cancer culture slide

Scientists create magnetically controlled microscopic robots to kill cancer

Magnetically controlled microscopic robots that kill cancer have been created by scientists. The tiny machines swarm around tumors – releasing a payload of chemotherapy drugs. …

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This Is One Of the Best sites to search for cancer information...

I found so many articles on treatment options that I had no clue were out there

Matt G.

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Our hope is to provide information for all types of treatments, trials, research, & new technology to overcome cancer. We will cover all types of cancer & even other health issues such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Diabetes. The more people we can put our site in front of the more people can find the answers they need concerning cancer and other health issues. Health is the key to longevity. Now, more than ever, with new technology we can overcome serious health issues. The more people can find out about these awful diseases and the available treatments and trials, the more probable they are to get the correct medical treatment and advice to conquer their health issues and live a long, happy life. 

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